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So, you are ready to join us and help write our next chapter - that is great! But you are probably curious about what to expect and how to take the next step.

Let's take a deeper look into our hiring process where you will find the answers to some of the questions you might have. If you still have some questions after reading this, don't worry, get in touch. ​​​​​​​Our friendly Talent Aquisition team is here to provide guidance throughout the entire process.

Your story starts here

Take a look through our current opportunities, from cutting-edge technology to ground-breaking projects, there are endless possibilities just waiting for you to explore. If something catches your eye, apply.

Remember this is your time to shine. Take your time to make your CV really stand out, show us why you're the absolute best fit for the job. Let your personality shine, tell us your story and highlight your achievements - show us why you are the one we have been waiting for. 

But if you don't find the perfect opportunity just yet, don't worry! Keep coming back, join our talent community, follow us on social or set up a job alert because we're constantly growing, innovating and creating new opportunities!

Let's connect and dig deeper

Congratulations, your application caught our attention so our friendly Talent Acquisition team will reach out for a quick chat. This is your chance to dig deeper into the role and get to know us better too.

We want to make sure you're right for us, and you want to make sure we're right for you. Tell us what drives you, what excites you and what excites you about Kainos. If you find this role isn't the one for you, dont worry, there may be others we can explore. 

We're all about embracing individuality and supporting work-life balance here. So, if you need a more flexible working arrangement, just let us know! Depending on the role and business need we can consider offering reduced hours or part-time options that suit your lifestyle. 

Share your story

Well done, you really impressed us with that initial chat, it's time for an interview. But don't worry, our Talent Acquisition team is here to help you every step of the way.

Whether it's a technical test, a group presentation or a programming and theoretical interview, they will help you showcase your skills. This is your chance to meet more of our amazing team members and dive deeper into your story.

Get ready for the next chapter

It's decision time! For you and for us. Our teams will take time to decide if you're the perfect fit for the job. If it is a yes, we'll contact you with an offer. Then it's up to you!

If you choose to join us at Kainos and be part of our incredible story there's just a bit of paperwork to take care of. Our onboarding team will guide you through the final steps and keep you in the loop on next steps. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to write the next (and best) chapters of your career. 

Embracing our differences

At Kainos, we believe in the power of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to building a team that is as diverse as the world we live in, where everyone is valued, respected, and given an equal chance to thrive. We actively seek out talented people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other characteristic that makes them who they are. 

We also believe every candidate deserves a level playing field. Our friendly talent acquisition team is here to support you every step of the way, so if you require any accommodations or adjustments, we encourage you to reach out. We understand that everyone's journey is different, and by having a private conversation we can ensure that our recruitment process is tailored to your needs. 

Our people, their stories

image of a person with the text fasten your seatbelt for career takeoff
"I came to Kainos as a Software Developer with ambitions to become a Technical Architect. And that happened – fast! I was given the opportunity to try out for the role, they liked what they saw, and promoted me. Lots of companies talk about ‘shooting for the stars’, but at Kainos, they really mean it. I was told to aim high, I did, and I’m still going!"
Weronika Redlarska, Technical Architect, Gdansk
image of a person with the text Kainos understands the true value of knowledge and experience
"At Kainos, you’re never too old to learn or too young to express an opinion. It’s an open learning culture that’s engrained in the business. I love the fact that I get to teach and encourage women of all ages to study STEM subjects, whilst learning about emerging and exciting technologies along the way."
Hilary Bannister, Principal Architect, Birmingham
Image of a person with the text from taxi driver to tech consultant, what a ride
"If you can handle taxi driving in Buenos Aires, you can handle anything! I knew I wanted to be a tech consultant, and with some ambition and determination, I’ve ended up at just the right place. Because to me, that’s what Kainos is all about; we all share a drive to do the best work we can, every day, to serve our clients around the world."
Juan Ocampo, Workday Integrations Consultant, Buenos Aires
image of a person with the text winning at my jobs more way than one
"To win Apprentice of the Year was a such big deal for me. And thanks to the support and guidance of Kainos, I’ve been able to discover my true calling in Cyber Security. Now I get to pass on what I’ve learnt to others who may be considering the same career. Who knows, I may even influence a future Apprentice of the Year! Wouldn’t that be something?"
James Matchett, Lead Cyber Security Engineer, Belfast
image of a person with the text so far my Kainos story has been a real page turner
"Stories, storytelling and mentoring are my thing. So, I feel a perfect fit for Kainos and the culture we have here. Even better, I now get to spread the word and tell those stories all over the world, helping to create awareness about who we are, what we do and the people we help."
Maddy McTigue, Workday Change and User Adoption Consultant, Indianapolis
image of a person with the text I was trusted to navigate our way to success
"One of the most rewarding experiences of my career was setting the course for the Polish office. It was a big project and I was able to manage it my own way. Sailing is a passion of mine, so I am proud to say I captained the team through this transformation, now it’s plain sailing ahead."
Michal Gorski, Workday Integrations Solution Architect, Gdansk
image of a person with the text with every opportunity I go from strength to strength
"Going straight from university into my first job could have been really daunting. But Kainos gave me all the support and learning opportunities I needed to get to where I am now. And as Kainos grows, my career powers up with it (which is pretty fitting for a keen powerlifter!)."
Hannah Smith, Senior Platform Engineer, London
image of a person with the playing my part to improve lives of millions
"I work on projects that improve people’s lives. Helping millions of people to access healthcare is a privilege, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It’s not an easy task, but it makes a difference - and for me, that makes it worthwhile."
Caoimhin Graham, Cloud Practice Technology Lead, Belfast
Images of two people people on a green background
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