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Whether you're a school leaver, under graduate or graduate, the hard work you've put in has led you here. Get ready for chapter after chapter of growth and opportunities as your story unfolds at Kainos.

Welcome to a world of possibilities 

This is the beginning of something incredible. At Kainos we invest in each and every person, creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Our commitment to learning and development is steadfast, our people are empowered, and they're heard. Plus, we think you'll really like our approach to diversity, inclusion and sustainability. We're all in on all of those. 

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Escape the confines of textbooks and jump into real, live projects. During your third year of studies, join us for an immersive 12-month experience in any technical or non-technical role, anywhere in the business.

From Software Engineering, Test & Quality Assurance, to Digital Advisory, UX/Visual Design, and User Research. In Central Services, explore opportunities in People Operations or Finance. And the best part is there could be an oppportunity to come back and join us a graduate. 

Roles open (UK Only)

Technical roles: September
Central services roles: January

Graduate opportunities 

Get ready to dive into the real world and make an impact from day one. With the support and guidance of your peers and colleagues, you'll tackle the exciting challenges that lie ahead. Our programme spans 12 months and kicks off with immersive training that sets the stage for your success. 

Whether you're passionate about Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Analysis, Marketing, Sales or eager to explore the dynamic world of Workday through Integrations, Product Development or Consulting, we've got the perfect opportunity for you. Together, we'll help you unlock your full potential. 

Roles open

UK & Ireland: September
North America: End of August
Poland & Central Europe: February
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Everyone has a story

We'll let our people tell you about theirs
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Discover what sets us apart 

Our opportunities are built to supercharge your Kainos career right from the start. As a placement student or graduate you'll undergo an immersive 4-7 week training period aligned to your role and where you will develop essential professional skills. From mastering business etiquette to managing your career and delivering impactful presentations, our training programmes have got you covered. 

Engineering Academy

Prepare for project life as a Software, Test and Cyber Security Engineer. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with your peers while developing your technical, teamwork, business and professional skills.

Data Academy

Immerse yourself in the world of data as a Data Engineer, Data Scientist or Data Analyst. This Academy will equip you with the technical and professional skills you need to fulfill your potential, opening doors to the incredible opportunities that await.

Design Ac​​​​​​​ademy

​​​​​​​An immersive training programme for UX Designers and User Researchers that will take you through service design, user research, content design, UX design and a whole lot more.

Workday Academy

​​​​​​​When you join our Workday team, we'll set you on a fast track to success. During your first month with us, you'll dive into Workday and earn your core certification. But the learning doesn't stop there!

We're serious about your development and want to ensure you stay at the top of your game. So, throughout your Workday career, we'll keep the momentum going with specialist certifications and refresher training.

Our people, their stories

Image of a person with the illustrated text: every new project brings a fresh new spin
"At Kainos, I get to work on amazing projects. Developing new software and using the latest tech means no two days are the same. I’m always learning and getting to put a fresh new spin on things. Just like when I play my favourite sport, Ultimate Frisbee…mind your heads!"
Likkan Chung, Software Engineer, Birmingham
Image of a person with the text: with every opportunity I go from strength to strength
"Going straight from university into my first job could have been really daunting. But Kainos gave me all the support and learning opportunities I needed to get to where I am now. And as Kainos grows, my career powers up with it (which is pretty fitting for a keen powerlifter!)."
Hannah Smith, Senior Platform Engineer, London
Image of  a person with the text: winning at my job in more ways than one
"To win Apprentice of the Year was a such big deal for me. And thanks to the support and guidance of Kainos, I’ve been able to discover my true calling in Cyber Security. Now I get to pass on what I’ve learnt to others who may be considering the same career. Who knows, I may even influence a future Apprentice of the Year! Wouldn’t that be something?"

James Matchett, Lead Cyber Security Engineer, Belfast

Image of a person with the text: so far my Kainos story has been a real page turner
"Stories, storytelling and mentoring are my thing. So, I feel a perfect fit for Kainos and the culture we have here. Even better, I now get to spread the word and tell those stories all over the world, helping to create awareness about who we are, what we do and the people we help."

Maddy McTigue, Workday Change and User Adoption Consultant, Indianapolis

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